How to Install a Velcro Pad

The Clip-N-Clamp uses a Velcro type (Hook & Loop) connection between the Disk Clip and your device. First, you must affix the small Velcro Loop pad to the back of your device :

1) Select the proper location on your device, usually the center of the back.

2) Wipe clean surface location to remove oil and dirt. Use rubbing alcohol if necessary.

3) Peel off tape from back of the Velcro pad, but ONLY half way.

4) Position the Velcro pad over the desired location and press down over pad.

5) Peel off remaining tape and firmly press down over the entire Velcro pad, especially around the edges.

6) For better results, let adhesive dry several hours before use.


Important Notes :


• DO NOT touch Velcro pad adhesive with your fingers, as your finger’s oil may reduce bonding.

ŸŸ• Be careful to affix the Velcro pad in the right spot as it may be difficult to peel off and re-affix.

ŸŸ• Velcro pad adhesive will NOT bind to silicone surfaces such as certain types of cell phone casing.

ŸŸ• When unhooking your device from the Velcro Disk Clip, always use a rolling motion instead of a straight up pull.

ŸŸ• Velcro Loop pad adhesive will fully cure in 24 hours, however you can use your Clip-N-Clamp right away, but peel off Velcro slowly.

ŸŸ• The Velcro Hook & Loop system is rated for over 5,000 open-close cycles.

How to Remove a Velcro Pad

The adhesive used to attach the Velcro pad to your cell phone, GPS or any other devices is quiet strong, and removing the pad could be a little bit difficult to do. One way to ease that process is to slightly warm up the pad adhesive with a hair dryer. Gently blow low flow warm air on the pad for several minutes. Make sure to keep the dryer sufficiently away from the Velcro pad so not to damage your device. After the disk has been warmed up, simply pull it off.  The glue will soften up at about 100 degrees, so if the pad is still too hard to remove, simply warm it up for a longer period of time.