The Clip-N-Clamp functionality and convenience derives from the fusion of three well designed components; the Clamp, the Flexarm and the Clip-on.
CLAMP  -  The powerful spring loaded Clamp was designed to attach to almost everything and stay there.  The Clamp custom designed jaws and silicone tips provide secure and strong anchoring to most frame or flat surface, up to an inch thick.
FLEXARM  -  The twelve inches long Flexarm consist of a ball-and-socket flexible arm that was conceived with flexibility, stiffness and durability in mind.  Hence, the Flexarm can bend and twist in any direction, up to 360 degrees, and will not snap apart under pressure or weaken over time.
CLIP-ON  -  The Clip-on buckle at the end of the Clip-N-Clamp Flexarm allows for easy clip-on and clip-off of various attachment accessories such as the cell Phone Clip, the Camera Clip or the Velcro Disk clip, among others, making the Clip-N-Clamp the most versatile holder in its class.



Clip-N-Clamp ACCESSORIES - click here

Each Clip-N-Clamp is sold with the following three accessories:

ŸŸ ŸŸ• PHONE CLIP. The Phone Clip accessory is designed to hold most smart phone from the iPhone (60mm wide) to the Galaxy III (70mm wide).  Its simple side compression design makes it easy to clip and unclip your cell phone, and keeps it securely held between the foam lined side’s brackets.  The Phone Clip requires two hands to insert cell phone, but one hand to remove.

Phone Clip Details – Click Here



ŸŸ• DISK CLIP. The Disk Clip consist of a 1.5″ round disk covered with commercial grade Velcro Hook (the hard part of Velcro) and clipped perpendicular to the Flexarm. It comes with two commercial grade black Velcro Loop pads (that’s the soft side of Velcro) back-lined with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive . Stick the pad to any device you want to hold with the Clip-N-Clamp, and position anyway you want. Great for fast and easy attachment of cell phones or a small tablets.

Disk Clip Details – Click Here



ŸŸ• CAMERA CLIP. The Camera Clip with its 1/4 inch screw attaches to cameras like any tripod mount would.  Once clipped to the Flexarm, it turns the Clip-N-Clamp into one of the most versatile and convenient “tripod” ever. Works great with point&shot cameras and small camcorders such as GoPro’s. For larger DSLR or camcorders, we advise to use the Mini Clip-N-Clamp.

Camera Clip Details – Click Here



Clip-N-Clamp FEATURES - click here

ŸŸ• 12″ Long Flexarm Combining 16 Separate Ball-and-Socket Links.

• Bends and Rotates 360 Degrees in Any Direction.

• Specially Designed Links to Assure and Maintain Stiffness and Durability.

• Ball-and-Socket Link Will Not Snap Apart Under Pressure.

• Custom Designed Clamp has Up to 30 Lbs of Holding Power.

• Clamp Silicone Tips for Added Grasping Power.

• Made Entirely of Premium Acetal (POM) Thermoplastic.

• Each Link Incorporates a Proprietary Lubricant Additives.

• Quick Release Clip-on Buckle for Easy Accessory Replacement.

• Fully Protected with a 100% Waterproof Polyester Jacket.

• Jacket is Sealed at Both Ends with Heavy Duty UV Resistant Vinyl Sleeve.

• The Clip-N-Clamp is 18″ Long and Weights About 7 Ounces.

Clip-N-Clamp BENEFITS - click here

• With its specially designed and very powerful clamp, the Clip-N-Clamp can securely attach to almost anything such as shelves, frame, tables, chairs, doors, fences, posts, trees, bikes, cars, strollers and more. The clamp silicone tips adds grasping power and protect delicate surfaces.

• Because the Clip-N-Clamp flexible arm can bend 360 degrees in any direction, anything attached to the quick release clip-on can be positioned in any conceivable way, straight up, sideways, up-side-down or anything in between, and since each link can rotates freely accessories attached the the clip-on can pivot in any direction.

• The custom made quick release clip-on buckle allows for the quick removal and replacement of any accessory, and allow the Clip-N-Clamp to be conveniently stored in flat spaces. Folded size is 8″ x 6″ x 1.5″.

• The Clip-N-Clamp comes standard with the Phone Clip, the Camera Clip and the Disk Clip with two Velcro Pads. Use the Velcro pads to attach all kind of devices to the Clip-N-Clamp, such as cell phone, music player, GPS, flashlight and many more.

• The Clip-N-Clamp Flexarm is fully covered by a waterproof sleeve jacket in order to protect the ball-and-socket arm from contaminants and wear that will render the arm unusable. Oil, grease, sand, dust … you name it, all those will make the arm stiff and jerky after a while to the point it won’t work.

• We are so confident in the sturdiness and durability of the Clip-N-Clamp, that we are backing our product with a 30 days money back guarantee and a 90 days Limited Warranty. You can find more information on the Warranty and Guarantee in the Terms of Sale section of this website.

• And best of all, the Clip-N-Clamp has FREE SHIPPING so you won’t have to worry about insane Shipping and Handling fees.

Clip-N-Clamp MANY USES - click here

The Clip-N-Clamp is so functional and versatile that it would be difficult to list the many ways it can be to used Here are a few examples:

• IN THE CAR OR TRUCK for hands-free cell phone use or to follow a GPS.


• AT HOME for calling while cooking, ironing or doing any other chores.


• IN THE WORKSHOP when two hands are not enough or too dirty to answer a call.


• AROUND THE OFFICE for speakerphone calls while typing or surfing.


• AT WORK for holding a cell phone instead of cradling it on your shoulder.


• IN THE PHOTO STUDIO to hold a flag or shade, a flash or a light.


• FOR VIDEO CALLS for ideal hands-free Skyping or Facetime video calls.


• ON YOUR BICYCLE to avoid stopping to answer calls or select music.


• WITH A STROLLER to hold a mirror to see or a sunshade to protect your baby.


• ON THE BOAT OR AIRPLANE for holding a cell phone or GPS in place.


• OR ANYWHERE YOU NEED A TRIPOD, so you can take that perfect shot.