The Phone Clip is a very convenient and easy-to-use cell phone holder. Its streamlined design and clever clamping mechanism makes this cell phone holder really lightweight and unobstructive. And it has been designed to fit around most cell phones, from iPhones (with or without a case) all the way to the Galaxy III. Just clip it to the Clip-N-Clamp Flexarm, position it anyway you want, and have full access to the screen and keyboard for easy operation, hands-free phone calls or GPS operation.
The two foam padded side brackets gently but firmly squeeze the cell phone in the holder, and are compressed together with a high-quality silicone O-ring. The Phone Clip minimalist design does not obstruct the phone microphone and speaker, hence allows for convenient and good quality hands-free phone calls, either in the car or at your desk.  Better yet, position the camera towards your face and conduct your video calls without holding the phone, great when doing other chores, such as cooking or working with both hands.
The Phone Clip can also be use by itself as a cell phone stand. Move it up and down the length of the phone to change the screen angle, or flip it with the phone bottom up facing you and conduct high sound quality speakerphone conversation.



See how the Phone Clip works in the video below.