What is the Clip-N-Clamp ?


The Clip-N-Clamp is a innovative multipurpose device holder that combines the sturdiness and reliability of a ball-and-socket flexible arm with the strength and dependability of a powerful spring-loaded clamp and a quick-release clip-on buckle. With an array of clip-on accessories that can hold many different objects, you get an amazing, convenient and highly functional holder that allows you to position many different devices anywhere and any way, such as a cell phone or a GPS in your car or truck, a camera or a camcorder on the trail or at an event, a flash or a flag in the photo studio, a mirror or a sunshade on a stroller, and the list goes on …


The Clip-N-Clamp story.

The Clip-N-Clamp was created by a team of designers and product developers out of necessity… as are many inventions. It all started with the BabyGiraffe, a convenient baby bottle holder that came in handy when no other product available on the market could do a decent job.  Along the way, the BabyGiraffe grew its own line of accessories and added to the very handy baby bottle holder, the toy holder, the safety mirror and finally the sunshade.

Then one day, on the way to a meeting, our team realized how often we were holding our cell phones in our hand while driving, either to talk or to follow our GPS.  That was not only unlawful here in California (and many other States) but truly distracting, inconvenient and dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians.  That’s when we figured out that the flexible arm and powerful clamp used for the BabyGiraffe would work great at holding our cell phones, hands free, while driving.  It also provided for an easy-to-reach place to store our phone while in the car, or follow our smart phone GPS system more conveniently. The Clip-N-Clamp was born.